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The Grapevine » If These Walls Could Talk…

If These Walls Could Talk…

The year was 1968 – almost 40 years before Herzog Wine Cellars would open its doors in Oxnard, California. Our sister winery, Kedem, had been operating in upstate New York since 1948. Housed in what was once the local railroad station, the tasting room was steeped in history and nostalgia. One day, a traveler emerged from near the adjacent railroad tracks and wandered into the Kedem tasting room. He was a painter looking for work, and asked if he could paint some pictures for the tasting room. The late Ernest Herzog, who at that time ran the winery, agreed. Not only would he be helping out a stranger, but also gaining some artwork to adorn the weathered walls. The result was seven amazingly beautiful paintings, each one encompassing a different aspect of winemaking. To this day, we wonder about the traveler’s past – he captured the vineyard scenes and winemaking process with such accuracy and detail, it seems as if he himself might have once worked in the wine industry. The paintings truly seem to encompass the Herzog family’s rich history of winemaking – from the vineyards of Czekoslovakia in Europe, to New York, and finally, to California. Ernest was amazed by the works of art, and even more so when the stranger would only accept a mere $100 for his work. To this day, the paintings hang in the Kedem tasting room, having witnessed the last sixty years of daily life there. In honor of our history and family, we have decided to release a line of wine labels commemorating these paintings. We have also cleaned the original paintings, had them reproduced into the beautiful gicleés you see here, and hung them upon these walls for all to enjoy.

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